Serbian President hopeful on Pristina regional representation

Serbian President Boris Tadic has said that a solution to the issue of Pristina’s representation in regional forums “could be found within 24 hours”

Tadic told reporters on Monday that a speedy solution would be possible “if U.S. diplomat Philip Reeker’s statement that there was no pressure on Serbia to renounce Resolution 1244 was true”.

That solution would be “based on UN Security Resolution 1244”, he said according to Tanjug, and underscored that he found Reeker’s statement “both positive and surprising”.

On December 8, one day before the EU decided to delay Serbia’s EU candidacy bid, Belgrade and Pristina failed to reach a compromise on Kosovo’s participation in regional forums, which was one of the conditions the EU had set for Serbia’s bid.

Since Kosovo declared independence in 2008, Serbian officials have refused to attend meetings where Kosovo is presented as an independent country.

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