Albania President Reassures Public About His Health

Albania’s President-elect, Bujar Nishani, has tried to reassure the public that he is up to the job in spite of concerns about his health.In a statement for the Tirana daily Shqiptarja, Nishani’s personal physician revealed that the President has been previously treated for brain cavernoma, or malformations.In an interview for the same newspaper one day earlier, Nishani explained that he had undergone an operation in a foreign clinic in 2008 and expected to make a full recovery within 18 months.

According to Albania’s constitution, the President is the only public official considered an institution in itself.

Parliament elected Nishani President on Monday with 73 votes in favour and one against, after talks between the ruling parties and the opposition on a consensual candidate collapsed a day earlier.

Nishani, 46, has served twice in the cabinet of Prime Minister Sali Berisha, as Interior and Justice Minister.

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