Croatia Pays Tribute to Srebrenica Victims

Croatian parliament, the Sabor, paid tribute to the Srebrenica victims on Tuesday with a minute of silence and a speech by a representative of Bosniak community in Croatia.”The Srebrenica tragedy is a warning from history, and we have to cry: ‘Never again'”, said Josip Leko, the vice speaker of parliament, at a plenary session marking the Day of remembrance of Srebrenica victims, proclaimed by European parliament in 2009.Nedzad Hodzic, representative of Bosniaks in Croatia, called upon the Sabor to “appeal to politicians all around the world not to resort to wars ever again, so that tragedies like Srebrenica would not happen again”.

The Srebrenica tragedy “was not the conflict between two armed forces, but genocide in which armed men executed planned politics of ethnic cleansing by killing unarmed and unprotected people, ” said Hodzic.

He added, that the tragedy of Srebrenica is not only Bosniak, but also Serb and European tragedy.

Hodizc emphasised that he is proud that Bosniaks, even after suffering in the Bosnian war, “are still sending the message of peace and coexistence, not of hatred and revenge”.

Croatian Prime Minister, Zoran Milanovic, is attending today’s commemoration in Potocari.

Croatian parliament has been marking the Day of remembrance of Srebrenica victims since 2009.

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