Serbia Revokes Former Minister’s Immunity

As the government launches a corruption probe against former minister Oliver Dulic, parliament has lifted his immunity from prosecution.Oliver Dulic, former Minister for Environment and Spatial Planning, has received a call for a hearing on Wednesday from the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime.

This comes after parliament on Monday lifted Dulic’s immunity from prosecution, granted to him as a paraliamentarian.

Of 151 MPs who were present in the parliament, 150 voted to revoke his immunity. Dulic’s fellow Democrat Party members did not attend the vote.

The prosecutor’s office requested revocation of his MP’s immunity in order to run a criminal procedure based on suspicion that Dulic illegally issued permits for the mounting of optic cables on roads.

Miljko Radisavljevic, Chief Prosecutor for Organized Crime, said police data suggested three individuals violated the law on planning and construction to issue permits in the name of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning.

He specified that the eight permits issued were delivered to the Nuba Invest company.

Police tried to take Dulic into custody on Saturday, under orders from the prosecutor’s office, but he invoked his immunity at the time.

Dulic addressed reporters on Monday and described the accusations against him as “political persecution that could target anyone who is today in opposition”.

He protested his own innocence and that of his associates, adding that “absolutely everything about that job was in line with the law”.

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