Bulgaria Leaders Say Judicial Reform Continuing

Bulgarian leaders on Monday aimed to reassure European judges that the country continues to pursue judicial reform.The president of the General Court of the European Union, Marc Jaeger, met with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Monday to discuss the progress of judicial reform in Bulgaria.

Borisov assured Jaeger and his delegation that the government in Sofia was doing everything possible to provide new facilities for courts in the capital and other parts of the country, stressing that the improvements cost tens of millions of leva.

Borisov voiced optimism that the judiciary would be successfully reformed, after which the co-operation and verification (CVM) mechanism of the European Commission could be lifted.

The CVM was put in place when Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU in 207 to help both countries put in place an impartial, independent and effective judicial and administrative system similar to those of other member states and capable of meeting the obligations of EU membership.

Bulgaria has been criticised by the European Union and human rights groups for failures within its judiciary system, including shortcomings in judicial reform and the fight against corruption.

The representatives of the General Court of the European Union met with Borisov as part of a three-day official visit to Bulgaria. They made the visit at the invitation of Bulgarian Vice President Margarita Popova.

While in Sofia, the judicial delegation met with Popova and Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev.

Plevneliev assured Jaeger that Bulgaria would complete the judicial reform successfully, restoring the confidence of citizens and Bulgaria’s partners that the country can maintain a just system.

“Bulgaria can use the experience of the General Court of the European Union in electronic document exchange to increase the transparency of the decision-making process in institutions,” Plevneliev said.

Popova said that deepening dialogue between national and European institutions for the establishment of a common legal framework of the EU was essential for the future of the European integration.

“Bulgaria aspires to be an active participant in this dialogue and to make its contribution to the sustainable development of the EU,” Popova declared.

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