EU supports Bosnia’s EU integration

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton teamed up to a three-nation Balkan diplomatic trip in Bosnia. There they met with President Izetbegović. USA and EU encourage country’s integration into the West. At the press conference organized after the meeting, Ms Catherine Ashton stated “we want to see a united, stable, prosperous, multi-ethnic country taking its rightful place in European and Transatlantic structures”.

Catherine Ashton outlined that both all the 27 Member States of the European Union supports Bosnia’s EU perspective. Bosnia’s EU future is real. Country’s political leaders are required to take actions to make it real. Specifically, they need to look beyond domestic divisions, political rivalries and vested interests. 17 years after the war ended, Serbian nationalist still question country’s sovereignty. Clinton said that such a debate undermines the goal of EU integration. Bosnian leader Bakir Izetbegovic added that this debate belongs to the past, “the future is on us,” he said.

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