EU Earmarks €81 million for Albania Reforms

EU Commissioner Stefan Fule announced Monday that Albania will receive 81 million euro to assist with issues including judicial reform and the fight against organised crime.The money will help build the new courthouse in Tirana, restructure two border crossing points and improve the Albanian State Police.

It will also help to finance Albania’s transport infrastructure, modernise water and sanitation systems and set up a range of services to promote social inclusiveness.

“For several years now, Albanian citizens have shown strong support for their country’s accession to the EU,” Fule said in a statement. “The EU is committed to assist Albania in achieving this goal, and I am confident that this year’s programme will visibly encourage a sustained pace of reforms in the country.”

The funding comes from the EU’s Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance, IPA, and will be topped up with an additional 15 million euro from the Albanian authorities.

Some of the funding will be used to set up better financial and management control systems in local and national authorities, improving the efficiency of financial inspections.

“This will directly contribute to an effective and transparent use of public funds by the Albanian government,” the commission said.

Infrastructure funding will contribute to constructing the Rrogozhina bypass, improving road transport and safety. It will also help rehabilitate the sewerage system in Vlora, which the commission expects will benefit the tourism industry around the seaside resort.

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