Bulgaria Bombing Report May Blame Australian

As Bulgaria prepares to issue its eport on the last year’s terror attack in the Black Sea resort of Burgas, an Australian national has emerged as a suspect.Two Western officials, familiar with the investigation into the Burgas terror attack, said on condition of anonymity that an Australian national was involved, the Washington Post has reported.Five Israelis and their Bulgarian driver were killed when the bus they were boarding outside Burgas airport blew up on July 18.

Over 30 others were injured, three seriously, in the bombing, which Israel blamed on Hezbollah militants.

Reports that an unnamed Australian citizen with an Arabic background was involved in the attack only emerged last week.

The Bulgarian daily Sega reported that the terror group responsible for the bus bombing at the Burgas airport in July 2012 consisted of Arabs with dual citizenship, one of whom had an Australian passport.

Two respected US dailies, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, have published articles anticipating that Bulgaria on Tuesday will blame Hezbollah for the Burgas blast.

While Israel blamed Hezbollah and its sponsor, Iran, for the attack, the Bulgarians have not yet issued their final report on the matter, which they are expected to do on Tuesday.

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