Turkish EU minister ready to ‘reset’ to solve Cyprus issue

Turkish Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis on Tuesday stated that Nicos Anastasiades, newly elected leader of Greek Cypriot administration, had voted ‘yes’ to Kofi Annan’s Cyprus plan referendum and courageously showed his support for the resolution of the Cyprus issue and said, “We hope his new title will appear to support his previous reconciliatory attitude, rather than casting shadow on it.”

“No country knows the suffering and pain of the island like we do. Therefore, we should take steps towards peace and unity without the interference of foreign powers,” he said.

Bagis stated that Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus had proved its existence as a state whereas the Greek Cypriot administration, representing one part of the island was faced with bankruptcy and economic crises and paid the price of the political deadlock.

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