Belgrade-Pristina dialogue still possible, says Serbian Deputy PM

Serbia’s Deputy PM Suzana Grubjesic has stated that a community of Serb municipalities in Kosovo needs to have “precise executive powers”.

She said that Belgrade would be constructive in the dialogue as long as there was a chance to reach an agreement.

“We started the negotiations with an intention of reaching a sustainable agreement that can be implemented and as long as there is a chance for something like that we will be constructive and flexible. If Pristina acts the same, I believe we will reach an agreement on April 2,” Grubjesic said.

When asked whether Serbia would be ready for new concessions regarding the request to allow the Serb community to run the judicial system, police and spatial planning, she stressed that the community of Serb municipalities needed to have precise executive powers and that it would be pointless to form such a community otherwise.

“We are not asking for anything that is not in accordance with European principles of decentralization,” the deputy PM pointed out.

She added that a date for the beginning of the EU accession negotiation depended solely on results of the dialogue with Pristina and that Serbian citizens deserved the date.

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