EU needs a new perspective on Turkey, says the country’s FM

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has criticized the EU for slow progress on Turkey’s accession talks with the 27-nation bloc, saying that the EU needs a fresh strategic perspective.

“With one flower, spring does not come,” he said, referring to the expected opening of Chapter 22 on “regional policy and structural instruments” by the end of June, after a three-year hiatus on chapter openings.

Turkey needs to open and close all 35 negotiating chapters on various areas to harmonize its legislation with that of the EU. However, 16 out 20 chapters were blocked unilaterally by a few of the union’s members.

“We think all chapters blocked because of political reasons should unblocked. There should be a speedier accession process,” Davutoğlu told reporters. “Otherwise, we may have to wait for another half a century,” he added.

The foreign minister restated the fact that Turkey’s EU voyage has lasted for more than 50 years and expressed his belief that, “With Turkey, the EU will be stronger, more vocal and more influential in world affairs.”

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