UN sends relief aid to Syria

The office of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has dispatched 33 trucks loaded with core relief items to the Syrians displaced by conflict and trapped in their own territory.

“It is the largest delivery of relief items made so far from Dubai’s UNHCR global stockpile,” said the director of the agency bureau for the Middle East and North Africa and regional refugee coordinator, Amin Awad.

Slightly over 120,000 refugees will benefit from the items, which comprise of kitchenware, sleeping mats, blankets and water jerry cans.

The loading was carried out on Thursday morning from the UNHCR stockpile at the International Humanitarian City, Jebel Ali.

“From here, they will pass through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on to Jordan’s UNHCR warehouse where they will be directly dispatched to Syria. The process will take about two weeks,” said senior global supply officer, Soliman Daud.

“These items are basic. They fall under the category that can push a refugee for some days,” he added.

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