Turkey says it doesn’t recognize interim Egyptian gov’t decisions

Turkey said it did not recognize the decisions of the interim government in Egypt because “it is an authority resulted from a military coup.” There are “hundreds of people who got killed in Egypt since the military coup which was against the will and interest of the Egyptian people,” deputy prime minister Bekir Bozdag told a news conference, dedicated for the Turkish aid for Somalia.

The changes in Egypt “are planned by countries and circles which do not want the situation to be stable in Egypt,” he said.

Bozdag criticized what he considered as the silence of the Islamic countries regarding the development in Egypt “and not criticizing the ousting of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

“Egypt is surrounded by countries ruled by regimes … which are annoyed by the democratic scene in Egypt,” he added.

Bozdag’s remarks were made a day ahead of a meeting of Turkish leaders to discuss the unrest in Egypt.


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