Bulgarian Defense Minister says no request was made to involve in Syria

No request or an inquiry has been sent to Bulgaria up to now about possible participation in a military operation in Syria, Bulgarian Defense Minister Angel Naydenov said.

“At the meeting of the government’s Security Council we said there were three possible scenarios for the development of the situation in Syria. The first possible scenario is continuation of the diplomatic efforts and respectively a political solution. Bulgaria supports exactly this scenario,” he said.

“In practice the diplomatic efforts received an additional chance with the postponement of a military strike within last week,” he added.

The second scenario is a military operation with the approval of the Security Council or a decision in NATO. Actually, we should say that there is a legal framework. This is the 2005 initiative, responsibility to defend an initiative that allows military intervention on humanitarian grounds. Actually, this will be probably used, if it comes to a military operation. And the third possible scenario is the so-called coalition of the willing, which is under discussion even now, he said.

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