Serbia and Bosnia sign agreement on extradition

Serbian Justice Minister Nikola Selaković and his Bosnian counterpart Barisa Čolak on Thursday in Belgrade signed an agreement on extradition.

It concerns the two countries’ citizens charged with and convicted for criminal acts of organized crime, corruption, money laundry and other grave crimes.

The agreement will not apply to persons indicted and convicted for war crimes and genocide.

”The agreement rounds off all modes of legal cooperation between Bosnia and Serbia,” Selaković said after the signing of the Treaty.

According to him, the document will apply to the extraction of both foreign and local citizens convicted for criminal acts of organised crime, corruption and money laundry which entail prison sentences of minimum four years.

In addition to this, the document also covers the extradition of persons convicted for grave criminal acts that entail a prison sentence of five and more years, Selaković said.

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