Tunisian President confident in the success of the transition process in his country

Tunisian Caretaker President Moncef Marzouki expressed confidence in the success of the transition process in Tunisia despite the stumbling blocks and the difficulties met, quoting, among other things, a minority that “does not believe in democracy and tries to disrupt the process.”

Addressing a conference held on Tuesday at New York University School of Law, asides from his attendance of the 68th UN General Assembly in New York, Marzouki highlighted the importance of security, economic and political challenges facing Tunisia in this critical stage of its history.

He also emphasised the differences between the transition process in Tunisia and Egypt, dismissing in this regard the idea of having the Egyptian scenario happen again in Tunisia in view of the lucidity and sense of responsibility of Tunisian politicians, the know-how of the civil society and the neutrality of the army and the police.

“All these factors”, he declared, “are likely to reinforce my conviction that the transition process will be successful”.

President Marzouki insisted as well on the close connection between democracy and human rights, noting the care of the various political players, whatever their trends, to have the new constitution guarantee the principles of human rights, democracy and pluralism, and their determination to finish off, as soon as possible the transition stage.

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