Turkish president warns of emergence of radical Islamists in Syria

imgTurkish President Abdullah Gul on Tuesday warned of an emergence of radical Islamists in Syria in the neighbor’s long-running armed conflict.

“Civil war is the most merciless of wars. As these conflicts drag out, radicalism and extremism take root to establish their own infrastructure and threaten not only the country suffering from civil war, but also regional and global stability,” Gul said, addressing the Turkish Grand National Assembly on the commencement of the new legislative year.

The president said that continued inaction of the international community on Syria is unacceptable, asserting that the survival of the Syrian people “should not be sacrificed to balance-of-power policies and narrow interests.”

To solve the crisis, a “new Syria” should be built, which is in peace with its citizens and neighbors, while its territorial integrity and political unity are kept intact, the Turkish president noted.

The “new Syria” should be established after a period of transition, Gul said, adding that there should be no place for ” anyone who has committed war crimes or crimes against humanity.”

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