EU integration would change positively the Balkans, says Bulgarian President

European integration is a major engine of positive change in the Balkan region, said Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev at EU-Balkan Summit.

European integration has brought unprecedented peace, friendliness and understanding to the region of Southeast Europe, said Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev on Thursday at a gala-dinner for the opening of EU-Balkans forum, organized by Economist.

Insufficient infrastructure, institutions that are not efficient and transparent and unfinished process of democratization are the major risks that the Southeast European countries are facing on their road to sustainable economic growth, according to the Bulgarian President.

Strategic infrastructure should be built in order to increase competitiveness, secure more investments and create more jobs, said the President.

More than 48 EUR B will be invested in Southeast Europe by 2020 and by then the infrastructure in the region will be significantly improved, forecasted Plevneliev.

“People expect that politicians will be up to the standards of the democratic state and that institutions will guarantee a fair environment, so that every investor can invest in the region, not only those that are well connected there”, said the President in regards of the institutions.

“We still have problems related to communist secret services – something that the other states have long solved. And in this respect Bulgaria can set an example for each country in the region. These dependencies, dating back in time, must be eliminated. We do not have anything to hide when we are managing a public resource and heading toward a statehood that pays attention to the business environment and to the society based on justice and morality” said President Rosen Plevneliev in regards of the ongoing process of democratization in the Balkans.

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