Cameron India should be a permanent UNSC member

British Prime Minister David Cameron said here on Thursday that the United Nations Security Council should be modernised and India made a permanent member of the body. “The Security Council ought to include India as their permanent member there is no doubt about it,” Mr. Cameron said at an interaction with students at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

However, he said, the political will of “deciding to act and deciding take a stand” mattered more than issues such as reforming the Council.

Referring to the intervention of the United Nations in Libya, Mr. Cameron said it “took a stand and took a view” and allowed change to happen. “Don’t just think about reforming institutions but think about how you behave in it, when you take up a stand what you stand for,” he told students.

Though the United Nations was not “perfect,” “it is very good in our world to have something like that,” the British Prime Minister said. “You need to have institutions and rules in order to try having sensible governance approaches across the world. So we should all back the United Nations and back the U.N. Charter.”

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