Greek FM says Bosnia needs to strengthen European course

Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos said that Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) needs to strengthen the country’s European course stressing that the Balkan country needs more and not less Europe.

The Greek Minister stressed that the EU’s fundamental interest “is the stability, territorial integrity and European perspective of this country and, of course, its citizens’ prosperity.”

Yesterday, MEP Doris Pack (EPP, GER), said that right now there is not stability in BiH as all the citizens of the country, regardless their ethnic origin are asking from their political leaders to solve their crucial daily problems.

Pack, who wrote a report on Bosnia’s progress towards EU membership stressed that it’s “a shame that the interests of the leaders are different from those of citizens in BiH, who want to be a part of the EU and have a better future.” She underlined, that the protesters voice their discontent about the corrupted administration.

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