Bosnia Federation Adopts Anti-Corruption Laws

Bosnia’s Federation entity has adopted a set of anti-corruption laws, which aim to establish specific law-enforcement bodies tasked with pursuing perpetrators of organised crime.

Lawmakers in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of Bosnia’s two entities, on May 6 adopted changes to laws on dealing with corruption.

The changes to the Law on Courts and the Law on Criminal Procedure, Corruption and Organized Crime allow for the creation of special units tasked with pursuing and trying perpetrators of organized crime and corruption.

The entity Prime Minister, Nermin Niksic, said that the new laws marked the beginning of a new era in the entity when judicial institutions would finally have efficient tools to fight corruption and crime.

He said the laws still have to be adopted by the entity’s House of Peoples, after which the units implementing the laws will be formed.

The Prime Minister said the new bodies would resemble Croatia’s USKOK -  Bureau for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime, a body linked to the state attorney’s office which specializes in investigations of corruption and organized crime.

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