Bosnia Finds 11 War Dead After Floods

The bodies were exhumed after the recent floods that devastated the country washed up bones suspected to be those of Bosniaks killed during the 1992-95 war near Doboj.

Bosnia’s Institute for Missing Persons told BIRN on Wednesday that 11 bodies, including nine complete skeletons, had been exhumed from the grave that was found in the village of Usora in the Doboj municipality after the flood waters receded.

The corpses had their hands tied with wire behind their backs and had been shot in the back of their heads.

“It is assumed that those are residents of Jablanica in the area of the Maglaj municipality. Those are Bosniak victims who were killed in the summer of 1992 at the bridge near Usora,” said Institute for Missing Persons spokeswoman Lejla Cengic.

Cengic explained that a total of 16 men, aged from 19 to 57 years old, were killed at the bridge in 1992.

Four other victims’ bodies of this crime had already been found in previous years, one near Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia and three in the Doboj area.

“Therefore, there is a search for another victim, and search of the terrain using machines and by hand will continue,” Cengic said.

Samples for DNA analysis will be taken from the remains in order to establish the identity of the victims.

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