Libyan PM rejects negotiation with armed groups

Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah al- Thinni has ruled out any negotiations with the Islamist armed alliance Libya Dawn, saying the government will launch new assaults to wipe it out.

Sky News Arabia TV reported on Monday that al-Thinni accused Libya Dawn of committing crimes against humanity, adding the armed group does not represent the Libyan people.

“We do not negotiate with terrorists,” al-Thinni said. “We have to defend the Libyan people’s choice.”

Since July, Tripoli has witnessed bloody clashes between secular-leaning militia and Libya Dawn militants. The conflict has killed over 200 people and displaced thousands of others.

Libya Dawn fighters are now in control of large parts of the capital city and are advancing westward to Wershfana, where they met strong resistance.

On the recent military situation, al-Thinni said that there were plans “to take out the armed formations in Tripoli within two weeks.”

He urged citizens to rise up against Islamist militants.

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