EU calls for ceasfire in Libya

The EU Monday voiced concern by the situation in Libya and said it is having a negative impact across North Africa and the Sahel region and is of concern for the EU as well.

The EU Foreign Affairs Council after its meeting in Luxembourg today strongly condemned the ongoing violence, all human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law committed across the country.

“The EU urges all parties to urgently observe an unconditional ceasefire. The EU is convinced that there is no military solution to this conflict. Only a political solution can provide a sustainable way forward and contribute to peace and stability in Libya,” noted the statement.

It called on all Libyans to unite in the fight against terrorism.

“Libya’s hard fought freedom is at risk if Libyan and international terrorist groups are allowed to use Libya as a safe haven. Libya will only stand a chance to address this threat, weapon proliferation and trafficking, if all armed forces come under the control of one central authority which reports to a democratic and inclusive parliament,” it said.

“The instability in Libya poses a direct threat to the EU, through terrorism, increased irregular migration and trafficking of illicit goods, including arms,” it warned and reiterated its commitment to continue supporting Libya in sectors like security, migration, civil society.

The EU also expressed its full support to efforts of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to secure a negotiated settlement and the work of the UN Support Mission in Libya.

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