Egypt, France Presidents discuss Mideast situation

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and his French Counterpart Francois Hollande agreed to cooperate in efforts to counter terrorism, resolve the Palestinian situation and support the current Iraqi government.

In a joint press conference held in Paris, Al-Sisi noted his discussions with Hollande were “fruitful” and reflected unified opinions regarding bilateral, regional and international relations.

The pair focused on the Palestinian issue agreeing to “exert all possible efforts” to solve the situation with Al-Sisi highlighting the importance of resolving the Palestine issue by encouraging both sides to continue the peace process.

He added that if resolved, it will represent a great shift regionally and possibly internationally, as it is important for “Palestinians to possess a state with its capital East Jerusalem”.

He noted that this would give the Israelis a chance to exist in a way “that is convenient to Israelis and the rest of the region”.

The two presidents tackled the situation in Iraq. They agreed to cooperate with the Iraqi government and all sides in the international community to support Iraq to confront the danger threatening its people and its sovereignty.

Addressing the situation in Syria, they discussed the importance of reaching a political solution to end the conflict in Syria while protecting the state’s institution.

However, the two presidents “shared concerns” about negative developments witnessed in Libya. Al-Sisi said that Libya could become “fertile soil” for extremist groups exploiting the period of insecurity the country is going through.

Al-Sisi said “we will support whoever the Libyans choose” and expressed solidarity with Libyan people and army.

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