Turkey rejects accusations of not doing enough against terrorism

imgTurkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Monday he could not understand why his country has been accused of not doing enough to fighting terrorism.
“We will not accept that we are being accused of not doing enough to fighting terrorism. These accusations are false,” Davutoglu told a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
He was reacting to questions about how Hayat Boumeddiene, the partner of one of the gunmen behind the recent attacks in Paris, crossed Turkish territories to Syria.
“How can you accuse us, this terrorist came to our country from Madrid, so can the Spanish government be accused of supporting terrorism?” he asked.
These accusations are not true, he said, “we are paying the price of war in Syria and did not close our borders before the Syrian refugees, on the contrary we welcome them.” He said the Turkish and German authorities were working hand-in-hand in the fight against terrorism and extremism with the objective of preventing “possible terrorist operations.” Merkel said Turkey was an important partner at all levels, particularly terrorism.

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