Egypt continue evacuations of its citizens from Libya

More than one thousand Egyptian nationals will be evacuated, Thursday, from Djerba/Zarzis international airport, thanks to five chartered flights from Cairo. One of the planes had already landed, Wednesday after midnight, transporting the remains of an Egyptian shot dead, ten days ago, in Libya, according to an Egyptian official who accompanied his countrymen coming from Libya.
He explained, in his answer to question of TAP correspondent in Medenine, that the evacuation of Egyptians, by sea is not scheduled, contrarily to what had happened during the outbreak of events in Libya in 2011.
However, he did not exclude the possible resort to this solution, if the arrival of his compatriots is accelerated and their number increases, rendering impossible their evacuation by plane which needs more time.

Between 3,000 and 4,000 Egyptians from Libya were evacuated until now. They arrived by Ras Jedir border post (Governorate of Médenine), over the border with Libya and the evacuations will continue, through an air bridge, « until the departure of the last Egyptian who crosses the border post, » said Mohamed Abou Bakr, ambassador of Egypt to Libya who attended, Wednesday evening, the departure of the plane from Djerba/Zarzis airport.

He explained, in a statement to the press, before his departure in the plane, that the evacuation will remain open, especially that it is difficult to determine the number of Egyptians in Libya.

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