80 civilians killed in South Sudan in October County

Juba – Eighty civilians, including 57 children, were killed in a single county in the state of the unit torn by war between 4 and 22 October, according to a group of humanitarian organizations track civilian casualties in the Southern Sudan.
Twenty-nine of the children drowned after running in the marshes to hide attacks in Leer County. There were reports of widespread use of sexual violence, including more than 50 cases of rape, said the Protection Cluster, representing 60 local and international organizations.
Military spokesman of South Sudan, Colonel Philip Aguer, said Saturday it had no reports of fighting in Leer County.
UN groups and human rights have documented widespread abuses against civilians, including rapes and murders committed by government soldiers and their militia in Unity state this year. Fighting continues despite a peace agreement signed in August
The latest incident took place after a brief recovery in Leer city by rebel forces on October 2. The government forces have pushed the rebels out later that day, the Protection Cluster said. Government forces then attacked many places across the county, chasing civilians in swamps, according to many survivors who spoke to AP in Unity state during and after the attacks.
“As a result of this new wave of violence, it is estimated that nearly 1200 children are unaccompanied or separated in the south and center of Unity State,” said the Protection Cluster.

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