South Sudan's second city scorched by renewed fighting

This used to be South Sudan’s second largest city, a bustling center on the White Nile River of more than 120 000 people, many employed in the oil fields nearby.
Today Malakal is rubble and almost entirely deserted by civilians, a city emptied by three years of civil war and now by new rounds of fighting.
Following clashes in the city’s outskirts last week, the army flew in journalists to show that the government retains control of the strategic city, even though rebels still vow to take it.
The army said 56 rebels and four government soldiers were killed in the fighting.
Racing through the city on the back of a pickup truck and traversing the Nile with amphibious vehicles, the soldiers still exhibited a battle high.
“I want to kill,” one soldier snarled, approaching the scene of the fighting.
Many identified the corpses of rebel fighters by their ethnicity.

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