Libyan National Guard announced in Tripoli

A new military body, the Libyan National Guard (LNG) has been formed and announced in a ceremony on Thursday in Tripoli’s Salah Al-Deen district.
The LNG said in its announcement statement that it is a military body that is aiming at securing Libya and Libyans apart from the political parties and issues, apart from tribes and clans, and apart from regional considerations.
“We’re formed to fight terrorism groups like IS and we will secure all the country’s cities and districts to that end.” Colonel Mahmoud Al-Zagal, the commander of the LNG, said.
He added that the LNG will protect all of the state institutions and help secure them against coup attempts and terrorist attacks or the extortion of the outlaw militias.
Col. Al-Zagal also added that the LNG will be tasked to secure the airports and seaports in the country as well as the vital institutions and facilities against any sabotage.

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