Merkel to visit Egypt on March 2

Egypt Presidential spokesperson Alaa Youssef has welcomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s scheduled visit for March 2, saying the visit will tackle the development of bilateral ties in all fields, which makes German the most important EU partner to Egypt.
Youssef highlighted Egypt’s interests in pushing cooperation with Germany forward in all fields, especially economic and technical training cooperation. He also praised the participation of German companies in several major developmental projects carried out by Egypt in various fields.
During her visit to Cairo, Merkel will be accompanied by a delegation of heads of major German companies to discuss boosting bilateral economic and developmental cooperation, Youssef added.
Cooperation between Egypt and Germany, according to Youssef, is not solely focussed on economic and developmental factors but also includes political and security fields.
The talks will tackle fostering cooperation in order to combat terrorism, in addition to developments of regional and international issues of joint interest.

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