Algeria's ambassador to Egypt highlights role of national reconciliation in counterterrorism

Algeria’s ambassador to Egypt and permanent delegate to the Arab League Nadir Larbaoui highlighted Tuesday in Sharm El Sheikh the role of national reconciliation initiated by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism.
In his address before participants in the Arab forum on counterterrorism and social development, Larbaoui emphasized “the efforts made by the Algerian state in terms of prevention of terrorism and violent extremism following a comprehensive strategy and various political, social, educational, cultural, media and development mechanisms.”
After presenting Algeria’s “successful” experience in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism since 1999, Larboui said this experience “is a response to the issue raised in this conference, namely the role of social development in counterterrorism.”
In this regard, he affirmed this experience “is the result of the terrorism Algeria face alone throughout a decade,” stressed Larboui, recalling Algeria “defeated terrorism thanks to the national reconciliation policy initiated by President Bouteflika, which was acclaimed by the people in the referendum held on 29 September 2005.”
Algeria’s strategy in the fight against terrorism and extremism “is the unquestionably a regional and international model given its political, security, economic, social, cultural and media aspects,” stressed the ambassador.
The Charter for peace and national reconciliation, “which is a historic reference document, has greatly contributed to stopping bloodshed, restoring civil, reunifying the people and protecting individuals against extremist ideas and criminal terrorists’ plants,” he affirmed recalling that “Algeria has shown the example of a country that managed to resist and defeat terrorism alone.”

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