Trump says US will forge a 'great bond' with Egypt

President Donald Trump signaled a new era in US-Egypt relations on Monday, assuring his Egyptian counterpart that years of tepid relations will now give way to a “great bond” between their two nations.
Trump reunited with President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi for talks ranging from collaboration against the Islamic State group to bolstering Egypt’s flailing economy.
In Trump, Sisi sees new opportunity after years of lukewarm relations with president Barack Obama.
“This is my first state visit to the United States since my inauguration and this is the first visit in eight years for an Egyptian president to the United States,” Sisi said.
Obama never invited the Egyptian leader to the White House and Egypt’s government was repeatedly admonished over its human rights record. Obama even briefly suspended some US military aid.
It’s the second meeting for the pair. Reflecting on their first encounter in New York shortly before the general election, Trump said Sisi is someone “very close to me”.
Sisi hailed Trump on Monday for his “unique personality” and said that after their first meeting, “I bet on you”, the latter being comments he made in Arabic that were not translated.
For Egypt, the objective is clear: Help us help you.

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