Bulgarian General: NATO for Western Balkans would provide region stability

A NATO membership for Western Balkan countries would provide stability in the region, but it could materialise only after the main criteria are met, gen. Kircho Kirov, former head of the National Intelligence Service, told FOCUS Radio’s Good Morning Bulgaria.
Macedonia’s attempts to join the EU and NATO should be appreciated, this would make our southwest neighbor more secure and predictable, gen. Kirov commented. “One of the main criteria for NATO and EU membership is good neighborliness. Macedonia will obviously pursue it, as after Zoran Zaev’s visit to Brussels a visit to Bulgaria was announced,” he said.
The situation with Bosnia and Herzegovina is more complex, considering its three-part structure, unstable governance, separatist tendencies in the leadership of Republika Srpska and Serbia’s aspirations amid close relations with Republika Srpska, he added.
Conflict processes in the Balkans continue, evolving at different phases. The role of Bulgaria has changed significantly over the years, it is an important factor both in solving problems in the region and as a guarantor for security. “However, it is necessary to pay serious attention to security services, their funding and poor staff policy,” gen. Kirov commented.

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