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Al-Wafa’ Media Organization Warns ISIS Supporters About Imposters Attempting To Spread False InformationOn July 17, 20127, the Al-Wafa’ media organization, which is identified with the Islamic State (ISIS), published an article by ISIS supporter Abi Amina titled “Methods Used By Rumormongers To Infiltrate [ISIS’s] Support [System].”
Tech-Savvy Pro-ISIS Telegram Channel Instructs Followers To Use TextPlus To Create Additional Telegram Accounts; Time Lock, ProtonMail And iShredder Pro 4 For Protecting Sensitive Information
On July 16, 2017, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Telegram channel began publishing instructional posts and video tutorials on encrypted applications that purportedly keep sensitive information private on computers and mobile devices.
Tribal Protest In Jordan Following Conviction Of Soldier For Murdering Three U.S. Green BeretsDemonstrations broke out in Jordan following the July 17, 2017 conviction of Sgt. Maarek Abu Tayeh of the murder of three U.S. soldiers on November 4, 2016 at the Prince Faisal Air Base. Abu Tayeh was sentenced to life in prison by a Jordanian military court, although members of his Howeitat tribe told Jordanian online outlets that the clash was between the U.S. soldiers and members of the Free Syrian Army they were training. (by memri.org)

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