UNSC meeting condemns Tripoli clashes

The United Nations Security Council held a meeting on Wednesday in which a briefing by the Head of the UNSMIL, Ghassan Salame, was heard on the Libyan issues, in addition to the statements of the countries’ representatives.
Salame said the UNSMIL is doubling up its efforts to carry on with the action plan, condemning the clashes that took place on Monday around Mitiga airport.
Salame also reaffirmed that there will be no need for lifting the arms embargo on Libya because “Libya doesn’t need more arms but it needs a government that can exact its power and authority across the country,” he added.
“The UNSMIL will launch next week a humanitarian response initiative that is going to assist Libyans and help them overcome their suffering amid the current dire conditions.” Salame told the UN Security Council.
Regarding the internally displaced community of Tawergha, Salame reiterated the UN support for the return of the population to their city, adding that the UNSMIL will do its best to see Tawergha IDPs return to their city safely.
“Elections are needed and the Libyan transitional stage will only end when a constitution is adopted by the Libyan people. of course after we have elections laws in the country.” Salame added, promising that all those points are in the making.
Likewise, the representatives of other countries including Kuwait, Holland, the UK, France and others, all welcomed the elections and the action plan of the UN, condemning at the same time the clashes that killed 20 and injured scores on Monday around Mitiga Airport.

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