US builds up Eastern Europe bases to support the rotational forces deployment

U.S. troops are building guard towers, office buildings and other permanent structures in Poland and Romania to support the rotational forces deployed to Eastern Europe to counter possible Russian aggression.
Resolute Castle 18, a six-month exercise run by the National Guard and Army
Reserve that began in May, is building up the Joint National Training Center Cincu in Romania and a Polish tank base in Drawsko Pomorskie, about 70 miles from the German border.
“Historically the U.S. goes into areas and uses temporary facilities that we tear down at the end,” Maj. Jason Rolling, the commander of the U.S. troops at the Polish base, said Tuesday. “Here we have the opportunity to provide long term support to (rotational U.S. soldiers) as well as ensure that our allies have the right permanent facilities to train with.”
Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014, the United States and NATO have buttressed the alliance’s defenses along potential hot spots, such as the Baltic states and Poland. Four NATO battle groups now operate in the region, and a U.S. Army brigade is on full-time rotation.

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