Netanyahu Slams Israeli Government for US Understandings

Israel’s Opposition Leader Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday accused the Naftali Bennett-led government in Israel of “endangering the security and future” of the state after it was reported that Foreign Minister Yair Lapid had agreed with Secretary of State Antony Blinken on a “no surprises” policy regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

“I myself had been asked by the United States many times to give such a commitment,” Netanyahu, the former prime minister, said. “But when it comes to matters of our security and our very survival, I always reserved the right to act on our own without informing our American friends.”

Despite repeated cyberattacks, assassinations of its nuclear scientists and mysterious explosions in several of its nuclear plants over the years, all blamed on Israeli special agents, Iran is today closer than ever before to acquiring enough enriched uranium to enable the assembly of its first atomic bomb, according to Western projections. Responding to Netanyahu’s charges, Lapid tweeted: “I thank the opposition chair for his advice. We’ll take it from here.”

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