Russia Updates its National Security Strategy

The Eurasian nation plans to reduce the use of the U.S. dollar and equipment and technologies imports.

On Saturday, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin passed a new National Security Strategy focused on protecting the health of Russian citizens, ensuring economic development, and strengthening defensive capabilities.

“The increase of NATO military infrastructure next to Russia’s borders and the rising number of military drills, in which nuclear weapons take part, increase the military threats facing the country,” the document reads.

The new strategy points out that Russia’s enemies are trying to use the complex socio-economic situation to foster social protests and aggravate internal conflicts.

Russia plans to increase the security of its energy supply systems and the Internet while avoiding dependence on foreign actors in these sectors.

COVID-19 vaccines production represents a top priority to boost the country’s stability and international cooperation.

The document announces also the intention to further reduce the use of the U.S. dollar and equipment and imports.

Despite the recent G-7 Summit in the United Kingdom and the meeting between U.S President Joe Biden and Putin in Switzerland, diplomatic tensions have intensified in topics such as Ukraine, the Black Sea, and the arms race.

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