Moldova’s Pro-European Victors Face Huge Challenge in Delivering Reforms

The pro-Western winners in July’s elections have promised the country a long list of changes – but actually implementing them will be far from easy.

The crushing victory of pro-European forces in Moldova’s July 11 early parliamentary elections over pro-Russian parties has brought the country potential benefits but also many challenges.

Following the strong results of her former party, the Action and Solidarity Party, PAS, the pro-European President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, wrote on Facebook: “I hope today will be the end of a hard era for Moldova; I hope today will be the end of the thieves’ reign over Moldova.”

She expressed the hope that the country would soon feel the benefits of “a clean parliament” and a government actually concerned with the day-to-day problems of the population.

Sandu said she looked forward to “work with an honest and competent government to unite society and put the interests of citizens at the heart of government efforts”.

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