Afghan Interpreters in Hiding, Desperate to Get Out

Desperate mass evacuation efforts in Afghanistan make it clear nothing went according to plan. There are multiple tragedies unfolding all at once. Will every American get out? How many Afghan nationals, who were promised American protection, will be rescued? And what about the future of everyone else under Taliban rule, especially women and girls?

One group of Afghans deserving of special mention are the thousands of interpreters who were the ears and voices of Americans for the last 20 years. They were given assurances of help, including the chance to get Special Immigrant Visas (SIV) for themselves and their families to come to the United States. Now is the time they need to cash in on those promises.

Ahmadullah Sediqi served as an interpreter for four years in Afghanistan and came to the United States on an SIV in 2014. Now he’s a Special Immigrant Visas Ambassador, helping others get their visas with the organization No One Left Behind. He describes the dire situation interpreters face right now as the visa process is in shambles and the Taliban takes hold of the country.

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