The Legacy of 9/11 and the “War on Terror”: A Special Series

In September 2021, we launched a special series of articles, reports, videos and podcasts by Crisis Group experts on the impact of al-Qaeda’s 9/11 attacks and the U.S.-led “war on terror”. These cover how Islamist militancy and the military operations aimed at defeating militant groups have both reverberated in Washington and shaped peace and security across different regions, especially in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

For more work on the aftermath of 9/11 please see our global issue page Jihad in Modern Conflict.

Our ongoing work on Afghanistan can be found here.
Podcast | Al-Qaeda and ISIS twenty years after 9/11

In this episode of Hold Your Fire! – the first in a series looking at the legacy of the 9/11 attacks – Richard Atwood and Naz Modirzadeh discuss the ebbs and flows of Islamist militancy over two decades of the “global war on terror” and the threat posed by al-Qaeda and ISIS today.

Published 10 September 2021. Available here.
Commentary | Africa: Escaping 9/11’s Long Shadow

In many African countries, jihadists are making gains. As part of our series The Legacy of 9/11 and the “War on Terror”, Comfort Ero and Murithi Mutiga say options for stemming the tide should include opening lines of communication to those militants pursuing local goals.

Published 10 September 2021. Available here.
Podcast | Eastern Africa’s Jihadis: The “War on Terror”

In the final episode of a mini-series of The Horn exploring jihadism in East Africa, Alan Boswell speaks with Murithi Mutiga, Mary Harper and Michael Woldemariam about how the post-9/11 global “war on terror” changed the Horn of Africa, and what comes next.

Published 8 September 2021. Available here.
Commentary | Al-Qaeda’s Virulent Strain in Iraq

As part of our series The Legacy of 9/11 and the “War on Terror”, Joost Hiltermann argues that the U.S. invasion of Iraq gave rise to a fierce variety of Sunni Islamist militancy, one just as intent on killing Shiite Muslims as on fighting the U.S. occupation.

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