Iraqi airstrikes killed 70 ISIS members in past three months

Iraqi airstrikes killed at least 70 ISIS militants over the past three months, according to a top security official.

Even though Iraq carries out regular airstrikes and operations against ISIS militants, the group still “pose a threat” in northern, eastern, and western provinces, including Diyala, Kirkuk, southwest Nineveh, Anbar, and north Baghdad, Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji told Iraqi state media on Friday.

Based on accurate intelligence, the Iraqi Air Force eliminated 70 ISIS members.

Iraq regularly carries out airstrikes against ISIS using its F-16 fighter jets.

Khafaji said that security forces had stopped the infiltration of terrorists into the country, particularly from the Syrian border. The government is presently strengthening its security measures on that border by installing surveillance cameras and building observation towers and wire barriers.

Following the conclusion of the US-led coalition’s combat mission in Iraq, the country’s air force has ramped up its efforts to target the group to prevent it from making a resurgence.

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