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We need to talk about #equality and #equity

We’ve all heard the terms, but what do they really mean?🧐

🌗 Equality is a hot topic right now. It’s something that many people are passionate about, and for good reason: Equality means that everyone has the opportunity to succeed, no matter their background. But equality doesn’t mean that everyone has an equal chance of success—that’s just not how life works. Some people are born with more opportunities than others, and some people have more advantages than others from an early age. So when someone talks about equality, what they’re really talking about is creating an equitable environment where everyone has an equal chance to succeed based on their own merits.

🌗Equality can be thought of as a baseline—a starting point for establishing fairness in society. But equity is different; it goes beyond equality by taking into account the unique needs of different groups of people who may have been marginalized or excluded from participating in society due to prejudice or other factors out of their control. If you have ever been told “That’s not fair!” then you know how important it is that we make sure our society is equitable!
🌜Equality is not equity🌛

We don’t have to be equal to each other to be equitable. If we start from a place of equality, we can’t help but create an environment that is unequal. But if we start with equity, we can build an environment that is fair and just for everyone involved.

🌝#inclusion #diversity #humanity🌚

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