In what cases will Russia use its nuclear weapons without hesitation?

On the so-called Ukrainian Breakfast Discussion in Davos, on January 19 this year, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson confidently claimed that President Putin will never use nuclear weapons and that the collective West can therefore calmly continue arming Ukraine with increasingly heavy weapons so that it can defeat Russia as soon as possible. This was not the first and certainly not the last irresponsible statement by Johnson, but unfortunately, he is not alone in his frivolous attitude towards real threats from the sudden outbreak of a nuclear conflict and its uncontrolled escalation.

On the same day, the deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia and the former president of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, warned that the eventual failure of the Russian Special Military Operation could lead to the outbreak of a nuclear war. This is not the first time that Medvedev, as well as numerous other Russian officials, have warned of the possible consequences of the insane proxy war that the USA has been waging against Russia through Ukraine since 2014. Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, on the same day, said that Russia would do everything to make the leaders of NATO and the European Union “sober up” as soon as possible.

At the beginning of December last year, President Putin hinted that Russia could formally change its military doctrine and allow the possibility of being the first side to carry out nuclear strikes. Let’s recall that until recently, Russia adhered to the principle of “retaliatory nuclear strikes” as a response to a possible American attack with the most destructive weapons, while the American military doctrine was always based on “preventive nuclear strikes”. Unfortunately, the logic is very simple; whoever strikes first in a nuclear war has a better chance of surviving that conflict. However, this is not the main reason for the sudden change in Russian military doctrine.

Like Boris Johnson, most other Western political and military leaders have chosen to completely ignore all warnings and consider the Russian red lines a pure bluff. However, if Russia does not force the Nazi regime in Kiev to capitulate, that is, if the original goals of its Special Military Operation are not achieved, Russia will consequently, cease to exist. In this sense, the collective West would have to consider the Russian red lines with extreme seriousness. Those three very thick red lines are the joining of Finland to NATO, the attempt by Ukrainian forces to seize Crimea, and supplying Ukraine with fighter jets and long-range missile systems.

It can be expected that the West will begin accelerated deliveries of tanks to Ukraine in the coming months, however, Russia has more than effective anti-tank systems and this does not pose too much of a threat to its security. As for the eventual delivery of fighter jets or long-range missile systems to Ukraine, the Russian leadership simply must not allow it because that would be the end of the Russian Federation. When Russia threatens the West with Doomsday if those deliveries do happen, it is certainly not bluffing, but sending a final warning!

In fact, it is not at all that the Americans and their vassals are ignoring the real dangers of the outbreak of nuclear war. No, their plan, long before Euromaidan, was to destroy Russia forever precisely with a nuclear war because there is no other way to do it. Contrary to the generally held opinion that a nuclear war would mean certain mutual destruction of the parties in the conflict, the Americans, performing computer simulations, found a way to emerge victorious from a nuclear war against Russia. In short, the plan was to first drag Russia into the conflict against Ukraine with brutal Nazi provocations, as we have seen. Then, that criminal regime in Kyiv should have been presented to the world as a victim of “brutal Russian aggression” that is suffering in the name of “democracy and human rights”. Finally, that “heroic” Ukraine should have been armed with more and more destructive and deadly weapons until it finally got nuclear weapons. Until now, the American plans have been going exactly as they wanted, but now their sweet dreams have come to the end. A painful sobering up is coming.

The USA, therefore, came up with a plan to wage a nuclear proxy war against Russia through Ukraine and win that war without getting their hands dirty. The very fighter jets and long-range missile systems that the West intends to deliver to Ukraine could be used to deliver sudden and fatal nuclear strikes that would eliminate Russian leadership, and paralyze Russian nuclear forces. The Americans assumed that all Russian retaliatory nuclear strikes would be aimed at Ukraine since it would be a Russian-Ukrainian nuclear war. Remember, they’re not a party to that war at all, right? Stupid Slavs will certainly not see through such a cunning Anglo-Saxon plan. After Russia was decapitated and its nuclear forces temporarily paralyzed, the USA would launch a second, third, and who knows how many more nuclear strikes that would reduce Russia into a nuclear wasteland for a thousand years.

The Russian political and military leadership knows very well that any Ukrainian long-range missile launched either from fighter jets or from ground launchers in the direction of any vital target in Russia could carry nuclear warheads. Even worse, nuclear warheads could also be carried by some drones, and that only complicates things further. Russian nuclear forces would simply have no choice but to treat all attacks that could only hypothetically be carried out using unconventional warheads as the beginning of nuclear aggression.

However, contrary to America’s plans, and President Putin has been very clear about this, the primary targets of Russian nuclear weapons are decision-making centers in North America and Western Europe. The Russian warnings were more than clear and they will be less and less. If the USA and its allies do not give up arming Ukraine and escalating the conflict, after Russian warnings, only the talk of Russia’s powerful nuclear weapons will be heard, and after that only silence. Time is running out…

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