The End of the so-called Civilised West

The conflict in Ukraine has already exposed the double standards of the so-called western notion of “International Community” that means primarily the western nations with genocidal imperial past.

The term ‘international community’ was first coined at the congress of Vienna in 1815, which marked the end of Napoleonic wars in Europe. Vienna congress often known as the concert of Europe refers to a series of conferences between the imperial powers of Europe, who came together to reorganize war-ridden Europe upon the end of Napoleon revolutionary conquests. The Napoleonic revolutionary conquests ravaged Europe after series of conquests by the Napoleon army in Europe ranging from Spain, Austria, and Germany, and finally ending with an epic defeat in Russia. Historically, Russia in all forms (Imperial, Soviet, and modern Russian Federation) has always served as the defender of the degenerated and chaos-ridden Europe.

Although One can deny history, not the deep-rooted historical facts, the collective history shows Russia always came to aid Europe against surging chaos. For instance, in the 19th century, when Napoleon-led wars ravaged Europe, it was Russia that saved Europe from inflamed chaos. Likewise, in the 20th century, Europe again faced a similar fate with Nazi conquests of Europe, again it was Soviet Russia that came to aid Europe to defeat the Nazi plague.

Unfortunately, today, history is again repeating itself with a similar course of events, when chaos-ridden Europe is facing the threat from 21st century Napoleon (Biden) and Hitler (Zelensky). Europe lost its sovereignty when it surrendered to the U.S. at the end of World War II when it geopolitically and culturally aligned with the United States to participate in the so-called Cold War against Communism. Today, the collective history of Europe-Russia is being challenged by the narrow elites in the West, who serves the interests of the U.S. empire more than the European continent. And, the war of the collective west against its historical saviour Russia in Ukraine clearly demonstrates that Europe is at odds with itself. Despite massive sacrifices throughout history, so-called Europe has always treated Russia as an uncivilized and backward nation at the heart of a huge Eurasian landmass. It seems that Europe is now trying to relegate the facts and realities of the collective history and experiencing the syndrome of self-abnegation.

Nonetheless, the defeat of Napoleon in Russia awakened chaotic Europe, and history shows, how Russia always sacrificed for defending Europe against chaos. Today, the ongoing Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine against the Neo-Nazis is nothing different than imperial Russia’s fight against Napoleon and Soviet Russia’s fight against German Nazis. Said to mention that the intellectually corrupted and culturally bankrupted historians in the west are misinterpreting the historical role of Russia in shaping and defending the west identity. For instance, a month after the beginning of Russian SMO in Ukraine, a self-proclaimed French historian Antoine Arjakovsky, who is a specialist on Ukraine and Russia bluntly told French 24 TV;

“The conflict is a “war of civilization” between two different visions of the world: Russia, a state that wants to become a “21st-century empire”, and the “nation-state” of Ukraine.”

Easy to say but difficult to interpret, Russia SMO is a “War of Civilization”, I guess the French historian forget to mention that in terms of civilization, Russia is a whole and Ukraine is a tiny part of its collective identity. This shows a gross misinterpretation of the Russian civilizational identity across the west by dissecting across the narrow political scale. The comments of the French historian is a prove of intellectual corruption and Europe’s intentional unfamiliarity with the collective Russian identity. Misinterpretation and misrepresentation of historical realities have been the long-standing tradition of western intellectual scholarship.

No one knows this better than the people of the former colonies of European empires in Asia, and Africa. Western intellectual scholarship has always represented the genocidal colonial practice of the Imperial west as a civilizing mission. It was the European colonial history of 400 years that bifurcated the world between the so-civilized societies (West) and the un-civilized (rest). Throughout history, Russia was the only country both imperial and Soviet that never participated in the western colonial practice of genocide, exploitation, and slavery.

The collective history proves this fact, Russia never distinguished humanity based on culture, color, race, or ethnic grounds. Instead, by defeating Napoleon in the 19th century, Russia played a heroic role to end the so-called civilized European colonization of the western hemisphere (Latin America). Likewise, in the mid-twentieth century, by defeating Nazism, Russia paved the way for the decolonization process in Asia and Africa, and decolonization was the foremost demand of Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin at the Tehran, Yalta, and Potsdam conferences.

I do not understand why the so-called civilized west (international Community) is shamelessly misrepresenting the historical fact with under carpeting their genocidal and dark past. The incessant denial of historical facts by western intellectual elites clearly demonstrates how the west is at odds with itself. In October last year, European Union Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell in a neo-colonial rant bluntly said;

“Europe is a garden,” which is “beautiful” and superior to the vast majority of the countries on Earth. On the other hand, he claimed, “Most of the rest of the world is a jungle, and the jungle could invade the garden.”

The bleak comments of a top EU official show how Europe has forgotten its cruel and genocidal past. One should ask him how the modern-day U.S., Canada, and the whole Western Hemisphere were colonized by the European empires. One should ask him how many people were slaughtered by European imperial ambitions in Asia and Africa. The so-called civilized west can forget and hinder the historical facts but they cannot deny their dark past. Millions of people are still suffering from the colonial legacies of century-long European colonialism in Asia and Africa. The incessant civil wars, ethnic divisions, massive poverty, and exploitation across the former European colonies in Africa and Asia is a prove of century-long colonial plunder.

One should ask the modern-day Africans and Red Indians about the reality of the so-called civilized west when their forefathers were forcefully subjected to inhuman slavery and mass murder to keep up the pace of colonial settlement. The west can disregard this crude fact without shame but millions of people in Africa and Asia still remember the colonial atrocities committed by the forefathers of modern western people.

They should be ashamed before chanting the neo-colonial rants, instead of repenting and compensating for the western neo-colonial exploitation of humanity that continues to this day. One should not forget that the history of the so-called civilized west is filled with mass murder, communal genocide, cultural destruction, racism, slavery, exploitation, and mass plunder. And, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the war of the collective west against Russia have exposed the double standards of the west about so-called western standards of treating humanity.

One should not forget the same collective west is responsible for the death of millions of innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. The same countries, that supported the genocide of Russian speaking population in the Donbass region for years have invaded sovereign nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya on the pretext of saving the west from the threat of terrorism. Today, when Russia is threatened by the NATO sponsored geopolitical proxies like Azov mercenaries in Ukraine, the west is again attempting to scapegoat Russia to hide their brutal recent past by calling it the sacred war of the so-civilized west against the “jungle” in Joseph Borrell’s neo-colonial rant. It seems that the west is fighting its own soul to end and the so-called western civility is already exposed, which cannot be under-carpeted anymore.

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