BINKA: Ugljanin cannot represent all Bosniaks in Serbia

The leader of SDA Sandžak, Sulejman Ugljanin, at the last press conference, came up with a figure of about 70 percent of Bosniaks, represented by his and the Justice and Reconciliation Party (SPP). The gathering came after the signing of an agreement between the two parties on the formation of a majority in the new Bosniak National Council (BNV).

That claim is denied by the Bosniak Institute for Science, Culture and Art (BINKA) in Novi Pazar, whose presidency analyzed the representative potential of Bosniak political parties in Serbia.

It was concluded that Ugljanin cannot represent the entire Bosniak community, but only 11.7 percent of the members of that community in Serbia. They came to such a conclusion by analyzing the censuses from 2011 and 2022 and the results of last year’s elections for BNV.

According to BINK, according to the 2011 census, there were 145,278 Bosniaks in Serbia, or 2.02 percent of the total population in Serbia. For last year’s BNV elections, 113,949 members of the Bosniak community were registered in the special voter list, and 47,549 went to the polls.

They remind that the list “SDP Husein Memić” won 15,930 votes, “Party of Justice and Reconciliation – Dr. Misala Pramenković” 15,276, “Bosnian Unity – Dr. Sulejman Ugljanin” 12,988, “Alliance for Sandžak and Good Bosniaks” 1,791 and 230 votes won ” Bosniak List – Esad Džudžo”.

When the line was drawn, it was revealed that Ugljanin and his SDA Sandžak, compared to the total number of Bosniaks, were trusted by 11.7 percent of members of that community.

From this came the conclusion that the once undisputed leader of the Bosniaks in Sandžak and his party “cannot represent the Bosniaks living in Serbia at the national or any other level” and “can only represent his party and that part of the voters, who trusted him, and certainly not the remaining 88.83 percent of Bosniaks in Serbia”.

BINKU will inform political representatives in Serbia, Kmosovo, BiH and Turkey, embassies and international organizations about the results of the analysis.

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