Findings N1: Progressives from Nis were tasked with securing around 2,000 people for the rally

The Nis progressives, as N1 learns, had the task of providing around 2,000 people for the meeting in Vranje, as many as they came from Nis, according to the N1 source – and they came.

Let us remind you that the N1 team recorded this morning an endless column of buses entering Vranje.

The President of Serbia and SNS, Aleksandar Vučić, started from Pčinjsko District to tour the municipalities in Serbia, after announcing the formation of the People’s Movement for the State, and at the meeting in Vranje, he promised greater allocations for Pčinjsko, Toplički and Jablanički Districts through subsidies and investments. He promised that several years ago in Kuršumlija, something like a “Kosovo supplement”, but it did not happen. Vučić called the people of Vranje “guardians of the territory”.

Before entering the hall where the meeting was held, Vučić addressed the people gathered in front of that hall, writes N1 .

After Vranje, Vučić goes to Bujanovac, Trgovište and Bosilegrad. At the session of GO SNS on Friday, he announced that he will make an effort in the next year to visit every municipality in Serbia, and he also stated that he hopes to be able to go to Kosovo and Metohija as well.

Before the arrival of the president in the south of Serbia, high-ranking SNS officials Darko Glišić and Dragan Stevanović were in Vranje, who talked with representatives of all committees about organizing a support rally.

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