“12:44 clock was chosen for the beginning of the protest”: What is the right-wing opposition preparing for March 24?

On Friday, March 24, four parties that call themselves the state-building opposition will hold protest conferences across Serbia on the topic of the anniversary of the NATO bombing of Serbia. The main gathering and blockade will begin at 12:44 in front of the Government of Serbia, and blockades of the headquarters of city administrations throughout Serbia are also planned.

Unique demands will be sent from those one-hour gatherings – the resignation of the President of the Republic and the Government of Serbia and the calling of extraordinary elections at all levels.

The opposition says that it will be the first in a series of planned blockades. which will last until the calling of extraordinary parliamentary elections.

Boško Obradovć, the leader of Dveri, explains to Danas that the ruling majority in the last elections did not put forward the Franco-German agreement on the recognition of the fake state of Kosovo, and that is why they should come before the voters again with this new and unconstitutional policy on Kosovo.

“This will be a one-hour warning blockade and we call on all patriots and democrats to join us in the fight for early elections as the only way to get out of this crisis. By accepting the new Western ultimatum, Vučić violated the Constitution and his presidential oath, and that is why he must leave. This is the action of the state-forming block of the patriotic opposition, which consists of the NDSS, POKS, the Serbian Party Zavetnici and the Serbian Door Movement, and we expect that many others who are against this government and against the Franco-German ultimatum will join us,” notes Obradović.

And Milica Đurđević Stamenkovski, the leader of Zavetnik, reminds that Friday marks the anniversary of the beginning of the NATO aggression against FR Yugoslavia.

“It is an opportunity to remind ourselves that from the same addresses, from which the bombs arrived, ultimatums are also arriving today asking us to recognize the secession of Kosovo and Metohija. Symbolically, at 12:44 we will gather in front of the Government in Nemanjina, which shares responsibility together with the President for accepting the unconstitutional plan and recognizing the Republic of Kosovo as a neighboring country,” notes Stamenkovski.

“And not only on Friday, but every day until our demands are fulfilled. We have no intention of giving up. Dissatisfaction is huge and increasingly present among the members of the ruling parties. They did not vote for this. The government is leading the country into complete political instability. The media are closed, the institutions meaningless. The President of the Assembly deals with labeling the opposition, instead of convening a session on Kosovo and Metohija. An atmosphere of public lynching of political opponents was established from the highest levels of government. The biggest victims are the citizens who are denied the right to be informed about the most important state and national issues,” notes the interviewee of Danas.

And she, like leader Dvera, says that Vučić and Ana Brnabić do not have a mandate for the decisions they intend to implement. Serbia is not their private company.

“Let them go to the elections and run independently with ‘Kosovo’ as their political program, so let’s see if they will gain the trust of the citizens for such a policy,” explains Milica Đurđević Stamenkovski.

Vojislav Mihailović, leader of POKS and deputy of the NADA coalition, says that the intention of the state-forming opposition is to spread the protests to as many cities and municipalities as possible.

When asked why exactly 12:44 was chosen to start the protest, he replied that it was because the government forgot to use the main argument in defense of Kosovo and Metohija, resolution 1244, that is, that the UN treats our southern province as part of Serbia.

He adds that the activists of the four parties of the state-forming opposition will express their displeasure over the betrayal of Kosovo and Metohija in as many hours on that day as they deem appropriate.

“It is not the only activity. There will be a lot of them, until the government agrees to call for extraordinary parliamentary elections, because Aleksandar Vučić did not get the support of the citizens for such a turn in politics,” says the POKS leader.

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