Vučić: I did not interfere in the elections in Montenegro, I expect Milatović in Belgrade in May

Aleksandar Vučić, the president of Serbia and the Serbian Progressive Party, in a live address to the media from Verona, rejected allegations that he “won” the presidential elections in Montenegro, stressing that only the candidate Jakov Milatović won, and that those in the opposition of Serbia expect that if the same thing happens to them, they are wrong, because they do it out of pathological hatred.

I can tell you about the campaign in Montenegro itself, where someone made a mistake, but I don’t remember that, said Vučić, among other things.

He stated that, in addition to his official congratulations to Milatović, he also exchanged messages with him, and announced that when the inauguration is over, in May, he expects the new Montenegrin president to visit Belgrade, because there is room for the relations between Serbia and Montenegro to be built rationally, and to be much better and at a higher level.

Commenting on the elections in Montenegro, Vučić also referred to the anniversary of the presidential elections in Serbia, in which he won on April 2, 2022, repeatedly they (the second-placed candidate Zdravko Ponoš) said one thing during the campaign regarding the sanctions against Russia, and another right after elections, and that now they hope that only thanks to chance and the passage of time, they will be the ones who will win the next elections.

A year and a month ago, at the height of the campaign, when the conflict in Ukraine began, everyone said that they were against sanctions against Russia, and as someone who leads the country, I had to be careful, I can’t always talk about everything, Vučić reminded.

I didn’t want to be brave and loud like them, and after April 3 they became big proponents of sanctions, and everything they accused me of became one in a million lies, from corpses to floods in Obrenovac to Jovanjica, he pointed out.

Vučić did not win in Montenegro, we did not interfere, we behaved responsibly, everyone congratulated Milatović even before the announcement, and I after the victory, we expressed hope that we will work harder on our relations, we can do more and better, he added.

I put it on rational grounds, just a few moments ago we exchanged messages and I congratulated him once again, I believe that in May, when the inauguration is over, one of the first places he will visit will be Belgrade, he noted.

When people are looking for a reason, and the only thing they can offer is the coincidence that something will happen to them, I can’t answer such people anything, added Vučić, looking back at the opposition and Ponoš, adding “they will never defeat me because I know how frivolous they are and non-negotiable”.

They will never defeat me, that’s when your brain goes dark, not alcohol, not drugs, but something worse than that, it’s pathological hatred. If they were smart, they would run away from the attack on me, that’s what every researcher would tell them, because it bounces off like concrete, for many reasons, it’s incredible that they haven’t been able to figure it out for ten years, he emphasized.

As (Noam) Chomsky would say, it is a lack of rational approach, intellect and diligence, because you have to do something to change things, Vučić stated.

As for all the statements and insults, I have no problem with that, all I said was, can we raise our economy, continued the president of Serbia, adding that they will have to work much harder in the government.

I said that a little while ago and Jelena (Tanasković, Minister of Agriculture) has no game, the big game is in progress, the war will not end soon, the ministers simply have to work harder, if they don’t understand it, they don’t see it and they don’t care like I do , then we don’t dream the same dreams and let’s see what we’ll do then, let’s see what we’ll do next, he said, adding that the problem is if the ministers don’t understand it and act like that just to pass another day, “to be in some office or I don’t know how to introduce yourself”.

I will ask Ana (Brnabić) to attend that session for the BDP, then I will insist on a stronger advocacy, said Vučić.

Returning to the topic of the opposition, he stated that “they” think that it belongs to them by some right after a certain number of years have passed, he then reminded that this term in the presidential office is his last and pointed out that he will nominate as his successor “someone who will be good for Serbia, not them, they are not good for Serbia”.

Asked about the conversation with the Italian official and the issues of Kosovo and sanctions against Russia, Vučić said that Prime Minister Meloni promised Italy’s help to Serbian European integration, but that it does not fit into that help, openly speaking about not imposing sanctions on Russia.

Italy, like all other European countries, everyone from the region and Europe introduced sanctions, I told Mrs. Meloni about it already in Tirana and today I spoke and conveyed our argumentation, said Vučić.

As for the situation with Pristina, I spoke about it in more detail, he added, and conveyed that he thanked Prime Minister Melona, ​​that the representative of Italy, Francesco Talo, was included in the process of negotiations on Kosovo.

We have organized public finances and enough money, when we are economically stronger, then our position is much stronger, he said.

Today, the President met with Italian Prime Minister Djordje Meloni, in the company of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, at the “VinItaly” fair in Verona.

The entire government of Italy is here and they know how important it is, noted Vučić, adding that it is a sign of how much Serbia can grow if our Ministry of Agriculture does a good job.

I saw that some people are making fun of something that is terribly important, agriculture, the economy, the political reputation of the country, it’s not just drinking, he added and announced that he is looking forward to the month of November with great hope, when the wine fair should be held in Belgrade. and expressed the hope that it will be more successful than last year.

It’s a big deal, that advertisement for Serbian wines, he noted.

Yesterday, Vučić met with the prime ministers of Albania and North Macedonia, Edi Ram and Dimitra Kovačevski , as part of the Open Balkan cooperation initiative .

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